Confused dragon by Kevin Palivec
Writers sometimes seem to have a difficult time getting their heads around what a highly intelligent non-humanoid dragon does with itself all day.

So what do they do? How do they entertain themselves? What kind of constructive things do they do?

  • Chase cows for fun
  • Arrange rocks into artistic configurations
  • Hunt for rocks
  • Explore the world
  • Study geography, astronomy, astrology, or philosophy
  • Memorize/make up poetry
  • Study other species/cultures
  • Mine for gold using flame
  • Enslave the puny humanoids
  • Make maps of the world from a dragon's-eye-view (including notes on winds and weather patterns)
  • Play dragon checkers or dragon chess with all that treasure they've accumulated (or use other handy objects, such as rocks, if they don't hoard treasure)
  • Hold strength/endurance contests
  • Gamble with their treasure
  • Chase screaming people around town
  • Kidnap princesses
  • Play Halo 3
  • Hold debates with other intelligent dragons
  • Create RPGs where the Dragon gets to rescue the princess and slay the prince.
  • Sleep